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Working in Darwin

波胆平台’s International Students can work from day one of the programme

Government regulations allow you to work for 20 hours per week during full-time study in Semester 1, up to 45 hours per week while completing Industry Placement in Semester 2, and unlimited working hours during semester breaks.

Pay rates in Darwin are generally very good and you will be paid at or above the industry award rate. You can expect to earn between A$20 and A$25 per hour while working part-time in the hospitality industry.

Finding a job

Most students are able to find work within the first month of study due to Darwin’s high employment rate and demand for hospitality workers. As a well established Darwin organisation, we have many employer contacts and we are more than happy to help you set up meetings with them.

​During your orientation week, 波胆平台’s staff will meet with you, help you analyse your job needs and make sure you are ready to apply and enter the workforce in Darwin.

If you would like to start the job search before you arrive in Darwin, here are some good places to look:

Simply Hired

波胆平台 course Structure/Working Hours

Semester 1
Semester 2
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Maximum working hours per week

​Whilst working, your rights as a worker are protected by Australian Law including being paid at the same rates of pay as an Australian worker performing the same duties. International students will also receive the statutory entitlements, as applicable, such as sick leave, annual leave and superannuation whilst employed in Australia.